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At Light & Lit, we start with heart. Our process begins with inspiration from good literature, crafting the aesthetic and scent palate to capture each book. Then we add our all-natural soy wax and fragrances, and carefully hand-pour in small batches, inspecting each individual candle to meet our standards. Our candles cure for two days before adding the final touches and bringing them to you. It takes time, but we think the best things in life always do!

our recent reads

If you're looking for more inspiration, check out what's been on our nightstands lately.


Remains of the Day

The 1989 novel by British author Kazuo Ishiguro transports you into the life of a 1930s English butler through journal entries and flashbacks. We loved Ishiguro's masterful expression of the characters' love, regrets, and values, though it took discussion with friends to fully appreciate this novel!


Up From Slavery

The 1901 autobiography of Booker T. Washington left us inspired and humbled. This beautiful glimpse into the life and legacy of an incredible man will 100% lend a new perspective to your own life and legacy as well.


The Power and the Glory

American classic novelist Graham Greene chronicles the struggle between a nameless "whiskey priest" and a lieutenant in Mexico during the Cristero War. While the priest fights for his life and the lieutenant for his honor, both are ultimately battling for the hearts of the Mexican people. This 1940 masterpiece is a reread-able favorite!

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